Below are testimonials from some of Niall’s students in Ireland. Testimonials from his students in Brazil can be seen under the menu “Brazil Testimonials”.


I started training 7 years ago at the Galway Tai Chi Academy under the guidance of Niall O’Floinn.
Since then I have also enjoyed the good fortune of being able to attend Shifu Wang Hai Jun’s
seminars in Galway and Limerick.

These teachers have shown great patience, have shared their knowledge, and given their time to
each student while maintaining a good-humored optimism throughout. It’s contagious!

Felim Burke
Chen Style Taijiquan teacher, Galway.

I study Chen Style Tai-Chi under Niall O’Floinn, Galway, for the past number of years.
I began with the hope of improving my posture and balance.

I have gained greater body awareness but also have benefited greatly from a feeling of general well being.
After attending a class I feel less stressed and better able to keep any issues in perspective.
I hugely enjoy the challenge of learning Tai-Chi and would recommend Tai-Chi to everyone!

Irish student

A few years ago, I started up my own business and had a lot of responsibility and pressure.
I began having monthly headaches, low energy and disturbed sleep.

After one year, I decided to do a Chen Style Tai -chi course with Niall O Floinn and immediately
experienced huge benefits from it. My headaches disappeared, my stress levels reduced substantially
and energy and sleep improved lots.

I recommend it to lots of my Acupuncture and Massage clients who I rapidly see visible improvements in
their health – emotionally, mentally and physically. It works hand-in-hand with how I hope to instill the
individuals responsibility for their own health as well as empowering them to return to harmony.

Karen Egan
Acupuncturist and trainee Tai-Chi teacher at the Galway Tai-Chi Academy ,Ireland.

I started six years ago with Niall O’Floinn,
I now have an ever expanding circle of friends and the legs of a 25 year old!

Maureen Rabbitt
(aged 51)

I began practicing Tai-Chi with the Galway Tai -Chi Academy in September 2009
and find it a wonderful way to energize balance and maintain the free flow of chi
which is so important for physical and mental well being.

As an acupuncturist I use needles to access this energy in my patients, with
regular practice of Tai – Chi I am able to do this for myself and the benefits are
transferred into every aspect of my everyday life.

Elizabeth Downey 

Sport and exercise has always been an important part of my life but gradually I had to
give up certain team sports as I got older until I was left with only running and swimming.
I knew that eventually I would have to give up these so I started to investigate other forms
of exercise that I could continue late into life.

Then I saw a video of a large group of people doing Tai Chi in China and I was struck by the
age profile of the people ranging from young to old and how supple the movements of the older
people were.

So I decided to investigate Tai chi and started with Niall O Floinn in Galway in Sept 2003.
It has proved to be everything I had hoped for …a truly comprehensives and complete
form of exercise, absolutely brilliant.

My overall posture and body strength has greatly improved.
But, a word of caution, you need to have patience … its really only
now in 2009 that I feel I am starting to “get it” right.


I started Tai Chi under Niall O Floinn of Galway Tai Chi Academy 3 years ago out
of curiosity more than anything else. I find the exercises and movements an excellent
discipline for my mental and physical health.

More importantly, I really enjoy participation in the class and I find myself  always
wanting to improve my posture and technique . The instruction is of the highest standard
and  I believe that my body is more supple and my balance is better since taking up Tai Chi.
I feel it is a discipline I can do for the rest of my life.

Pat Doyle

I started Tai chi in October 2008 with Niall O’Floinn In Galway because some friends
of mine had been doing it for a while and found it very beneficial. I had been diagnosed
with rib arthritis on my left side that had been caused by a couple of bends in my spine.
Even though osteopathy and the five Tibetan rites had managed to correct one of the bends
successfully, I had significantly less strength on my left arm and shoulder.

Tai chi has not only helped me improve my strength and correct my posture (combined with-
Alexander Technique), but has also worked wonders on my muscle strength and energy.
My health has improved considerably at many levels.

I have become more aware of my body postures and strength and how to use it with these classes.

Niall is a dedicated teacher with diverse methods that, I feel, help everyone learn at their own
pace and suited to their own needs.

Being a teacher myself by trade, I have learned some tricks from him!  He has given us plenty
of opportunities to learn for his own Master and his Grand Master and I find it very beneficial
to learn from these sources as well.

He has awaken in me a passion for Tai chi and I try to practice everyday’

Pilar Alderete
(University Teacher and Reiki Practitioner)
de seu trabalho.

I joined the Galway Tai-Chi Academy in June 2008 and was immediately impressed
by the feelings of calmness, serenity and stress relief following a class. I find Tai-Chi
to be the one activity that really de-stresses me from a hectic lifestyle and work in the
health care profession.

As I also Dance, I began Taichi primarily to aid balance following dance injuries but
have since realized the benefits not only to balance but also to core stability, overall
tone and flexibility. From a health perspective, I find it aids digestion, sleep and
overall body balance.

Speech and Language Therapist and Dancer.

After only 6 weeks of doing Tai Chi with Niall O Floinn, I am already experiencing
various benefits which I feel will only increase hugely over time.

The muscle tone in my legs is improving and it’s helping with flexibility – I tend to
be quite stiff. I am intensely more conscious of the fact that I need to and should
be drinking more water each day- and have started doing this.

It’s helped on a mental level for me to quit smoking. The fluidity of the movements
is giving me ideas for my reiki treatments.

In general – doing anything like this at least once a week is beneficial – working
towards a goal, learning something new and being “in” your body.
I feel it’s also been an influence in my renewed interest in getting fit
– I’ve started doing more exercise in general.

Clea Mallinson
Screenwriting Student and Reiki Practitioner

Photo taken by Iasmin Daher


Photo taken by Anderson Rosa

niall tai chi ireland

Niall O’Floinn is a masterful Tai-Chi teacher.
He guides his students with subtle grace through the
intricacies of this beautiful practice.

Slowly but surely the systems of mind and body fall into equilibrium
and there is no limit to the levels of understanding and skill that can be achieved.
Tai-Chi practice has benefits in every domain of life, regardless of your primary focus.

For me the focus has been in the realms of human psychology, human creativity,
and the dance of mind and body in the sphere of family and work life. Even when you
let your practice and discipline lapse, Niall will be present with patient understanding
to take you through it all again.

I recommend Tai Chi practice and Niall O’Flionn’s academy in particular, and I continue
to push within my discipline for further scientific investigation of Tai-Chi benefits.

Dr. Michael Hogan
School of Psychology, NUI, Galway
Author of: The Culture of our Thinking in Relation to Spirituality, Nova Science, New York.  


I started Tai Chi because a friend recommended it to me. I have scoliosis and I’ve had back pain in my right side all my life, particularly in recent years, almost all the time. That’s improved significantly. I used to massage and exercise only the painful side but now since Tai Chi I see that it’s actually better to move both sides of your body equally. It’s also slowly beginning to help me with anxiety and depression, it’s making my body less tense. I’m always looking forward to the class, sometimes even more so when I’m tired and worn out. I’m very grateful to have come across this non competitive, gentle and graceful form of exercise.
Many thanks!
Ana Striffler



If you thought that a Single Whip is an ice cream cone, or that High Pat on Horse must be some kind of dodgy Irish jockey, then maybe it’s time to find out more about Chen Tai Chi and its practice. Since I embarked on a journey of discovery with the Galway Chen Tai Chi Academy 13 years ago, I have seen, among so many wonders: the White Crane Spread her Wings, the Green Dragon Emerge from the Water, the Parting of the Wild Horse’s Mane and even the Golden Rooster Standing on One Leg.
You too, could Step Forward to Form the Seven Stars, or Step Back to Ride the Tiger. Indeed, why not try some Diagonal Flying!
However if that all sounds a little too unsettling, a little Silk Reeling and Standing Meditation will surely restore calm and balance to your world again.
Felim Burke

I started the beginners Tai Chi in Sept 2014 and have continued learning since then.
For me the main benefit is increased peace of mind and a slightly slower pace to my thinking and actions, something I really needed, as like many nowadays my life has a frenetic feel and pace to it.
I really enjoy it and hope to continue!
Gina Mooney



Found excellent and that has helped me so much it has benefited me so much health wise because I do have a sore back I would highly recommend tai chi.
John King



Many many years ago, when I was going through a difficult phase in my Life, I attended weekly Tai chi chi gong classes and found that it was a very relaxing and calm space, where all troubles and upset fell away.

I always hoped to be able to continue. It was again many many years later, five years ago, that the timing was right. Inspired by Niall`s Demonstration evening, I signed up and since then, have never looked back.

For about 10 years I had been managing Sciatica attacks; with exercise, diet and massage and Lifestyle.
With regular practice, after about 3 years, I have noticed that pain is absent most of the time and easily relieved.

Enjoying the learning and movement of Tai chi I noticed that the discomfort and occasional attack were easier to manage and resolve.

The longer that I practice(now five years), the benefits of Tai chi become more and more obvious and applicable in daily activities: bringing increased balance, swifter reflexes and equanimity in times of unrest.

With regular practice, after about 3 years, I have noticed that pain and discomfort are absent most of the time, and the pleasure of practice increases.

Through Niall`s stead, kind and encouraging instruction, it is easy to learn. The “step-by-step” teaching builds on the blocks of Body, Mind and Soul: continuity being a key element.

It is difficult to imagine a day without Tai chi.

I recommend Tai chi to all: to the Young, to the Youth, Middle-aged and to the Elderly: it is never too late to start.

In gratitude to his thorough and attentive teaching, wishing Niall all the best for future teaching.

Sue Mills.

Photo taken by Anderson Rosa

I practice Tai Chi in Galway under the superb guidance & dedication of Niall O’Floinn.
It is so heart warming to learn from an inspiring Teacher who tirelessly helps people to learn at their own pace. Niall’s friendly demeanour, enduring patience, persistent efforts, attention to detail, flexible approach, sharing of knowledge & his command of the highest standards contribute to excellence in class delivery.
Tai Chi is invaluable in my life providing a comprehensive form of exercise. Positive benefits in general I found from Tai Chi work-outs are having a greater sense of health and fitness. Specific reward realised are many like: developing an overall calmness of mind and serenity after a long day’s work, increasing focus, reducing tension, developing correct posture, making new friends and enjoying some social and special time out.
I look forward very much to my weekly class.

Mary King

Participei dos seguintes seminários:   Seminário 2: Tai Chi Chuan – Forma dos 18 Movimentos (iniciantes) –
13 e 14 de março – Seminário 3: Tai Chi Chuan – Forma dos 18 Movimentos (intermediário) – 20 e 21 de
março   Tenho a dizer que foi uma das melhores atividades de que já participei. Foi realmente maravilhoso.

Não só com relação ao ensinamento prático, como também por muitas coisas que o professor Niall nos falou.
O mínimo que podemos fazer é agradecer aos professores Bruno e Levis e aos demais responsáveis pela
organização dos seminários, pela rara oportunidade que nos foi concedida através de seu trabalho.