Tai Chi for Tango Dancers [Tai Chi para Tangueros] is a specially designed workshop that is growing very popular at tango festivals, tango holiday weekend retreats and intensive summer camps.

Explaining in-depth, whole body spiral movement, the integration of internal energy [neiqi] and external structure, breathing, relaxation and balance, the workshop greatly compliments many elements that are used in Tango.

A deeper level of relaxation,sensitivity and awareness taught through Tai Chi enriches the experience of Tango, which also is much more than external choreography.

Harmony of yin and yang and dynamic, fluid change between slow and soft and explosive movements makes Tai Chi very attractive to performance artists seeking a way of moving from “the inside “.

“Before you give a man a sword you must teach him how to dance”  
Old Celtic proverb

tango tai chi
Class Schedule


9TH-11th April

Cork Tango Festival


JUNE 2016

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, date tba

Belfast Tango Festival, date tba


JULY 2016

Genoa Tango Marathon



Mallorca Tai Chi Tango Holiday Camp


19TH-22ND OCTOBER 2016

Mallorca Tango Festival




Mallorca Tango Festival
To book Niall for a Tai Chi para Tangueros seminar at
your festival or Tango event contact niall.taichi@gmail.com

Photos above show Niall teaching classes at Mallorca Tango Festival ,giving a private Tai Chi class to Juana Sepulveda, performing at various festivals and with Tango students in Ireland where he lives.


To whom it may concern,

This letter is a recommendation to Tango Festival Organizers of the “Tai Chi for Tangueros” workshops run by Niall O Floinn.

Niall taught a special Tai Chi class for Tango dancers at our All-Ireland Tango Festival in 2009. Explaining in depth, whole body spiral movement, the integration of internal energy and external structure, breathing, relaxation and balance, the workshop greatly complimented many elements that we use in Tango and was a great way to open our festival.

As well as having studied with some of China ‘s greatest Tai Chi Masters for the past 20 years, Niall is an experienced tango dancer and has a good understanding of the fundamentals of Tango. He also has 10 years dance experience between Salsa, West African and other dance forms and therefore his teaching methodology and understanding of how the body and mind learns movement is of a very high standard.

Our festival participants really enjoyed the workshop and benefited greatly from the new perspective and exercises for co-ordination, flexibility, balance and sensitivity to energy and are looking forward to more next year. Without reservation we recommend Niall’s workshops “Tai Chi for Tangueros” as an excellent activity at Tango Festivals.

Marion Krauthaker & Enrique Ringa

Caminos De Tango

Estimado Niall Floinn.

Me dirijo a ud. para comunicarle mi mas sincero agradecimiento por contar con su presencia por segundo año consecutivo en la edición de Mallorca Tango Festival 2010 es un gran placer contar con su presencia sabiduría, filosofía y que integre el staff del festival como maestro de Tai Chi.

Como director de Mallorca Tango Festival y presidente de asociación Vay Tango queremos comunicarle la confirmación de su participación y hacerle llegar nuestro mas sincero agradecimiento y comunicarle que nosotros pensamos que el Tai Chi a nivel personal, de movimiento es muy interesante para los amantes del tango con respecto al movimiento y lo mas importante a nivel personal por la armonía espiritual y paz interior que con esta practica se puede lograr.

Nosotros queremos que sepa que puede contar con nuestro apoyo y recomendamos a otros organizadores de festivales de tango que en sus programas pongan el Tai Chi como actividad complementaria para los participantes y de esa forma poder difundir esta actividad como la llamamos en Mallorca Tango Festival ( TaiChi para Tangueros ).

si mas le saluda atentamente y a su disposición para lo que necesite.

Victor Ariel Yuryevic.

(director de Mallorca Tango Festival y presidente de Vay Tango)
Tel. 0034 617 007 481
Palma de Mallorca, España – 07011

Niall teaching in Mallorca