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Tai Chi is recognized by the Chinese Government and many Health Institutes around the world as the form of exercise that offers one of the greatest all-round benefits to health.

As well as being excellent for general health and well being,Tai Chi is now recognized by major medical authorities to be beneficial and effective in treating various serious medical conditions.Western Medicine is just starting to test the health benefits of Tai Chi and some of the results have been remarkable.

These results are due to a combination of the benefits of meditation, stance training, where pressure is placed on the bones, the twisting of the torso and the flow of chi (i.e. energy) and blood. Tai Chi consists of constant coordinated movement of the head, trunk and limbs requiring tremendous concentration and balance control. The movements and philosophy of Tai Chi teach people to relax, slow down, coordinate their mind and body, and improve posture.

Use of slow movements and increased strength and balance in Tai Chi has been proven  to reduce the risk of falling for many individuals. This is of benefit to both stroke sufferers and osteoporosis sufferers.

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Bone, Muscle & Joints
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Cardiovascular & Vascular Function
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Digestive System & Respiratory System
Fight Depression
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Nervous System & Stress Reduction
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