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“Beginners classes are held in the city center with a beautiful private area outside on the River Corrib for training on sunny days. We have bigger venues for when the Masters visit and students come from all over Ireland to attend. Our goal is to provide a friendly atmosphere with a serious attitude to learning and helping students achieve their health and fitness goals. Over the past 15 years we have taught thousands of people Tai Chi and had a very positive influence on students becoming more healthy and aware of themselves.”

Private Tai Chi classes with Senior Irish Coach Shifu Niall O Floinn are available now .

These are excellent for people who have already reached a certain level of skill but wish to learn more intensely in a shorter period of time than weekly classes would allow.

Also they are great for beginners or indeed any level where the student has work hours that don’t suit public class times or perhaps they have to travel long distances from other parts of Ireland and therefore prefer to do a private class less often.

You can think of a private class as being equivalent to about 8 or 9 public classes with the amount of hands on correction you will receive. The cost of a private class is €100.

If you wish to share the class with another student or more than one other the costs are as follows:

For 2 people, a private class of 1 hour is €80 each or for 2 hours €150 each.

First class is €90 each for 2 people


For 3 people, a class of 1 hour costs €70 each and 2 hours costs €125 each.

First class is €80 each if there are 3 people.


For 4 people, a class of 1 hour costs €60 each and 2 hours costs €105 each.

€70 euro each for first class if there are 4 people.


Every 8th class is free!

Please note the other student does not need to be the same level as you. For further information, please call 087-0524085.