Shifu Niall O Floinn has been giving seminars in Brazil since 2009 and has gained a strong following and some very dedicated students there. Below are some testimonials from instructors and students in Brazil who have attended Niall’s seminars.


“Meeting personally the Master Niall in the seminar held in Campo Mourão, was an unforgettable experience.

With kindness  and humility he has shown us his way of teaching the basics of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan which was very deep and precious. Thus a great explanation of our doubts, improving our techniques and establishing a path suitable for the development of our art. Being critical to the work that I perform in my town, where Wushu lessons are present in municipal schools, benefiting children from 4 to 11 years. Thus contributing to the formation of persons of integrity who, through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan discover every day that they can overcome their challenges with humility and perseverance following the principles and fundamentals of Chinese philosophy. “
Prof. Abel Cezar, Physical Educator and Professor of Chinese Martial Arts, Apucarana-PR


“I have participated in the Seminars of Shifu Niall O Floinn in Brazil since 2009, when he started this adventure of the Chen style Tai Chi Chuan in our country at the hands of Prof. Levis Litz, and Prof. Bruno Davanzo. Today, after several years since the first seminar, I became a practitioner and teacher of Chen style, adding my efforts to both (Levis and Bruno), because I believe that this practice contributes positively to health, both physical, and mental and spiritual (respecting individual beliefs). From the beginning, the Tai Chi Chuan proved very effective as practice, helping me not only to maintain health, as well as helping to restore problems that occurred during my life. I participate in all seminars, and help publicize the practice teaching in the city where I live and also aid  Shifu Niall O Floinn with promotion in other cities and other States of Brazil, because it’s the least I can do to repay what Tai Chi has done for me in my life. Today, I find myself with a tremendous debt to Shifu Niall O Floinn, for his dedication in teaching, and Chinese culture (in particular the Chen family), for bringing us this knowledge. This year (2015) I had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks straight under the guidance of Shifu Niall O Floinn in his seminars in Brazil, and it was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life, witnessing his dedication, patience and ability to teach. I will always  be ready to help spread the style, based on the example that he gives us, as a teacher and as a human being. ”

Anderson Rosa,  Professor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan in Campo Mourão/PR, Vitória/ES and São Paulo/SP.


“I liked to have participated in the seminar with Professor Niall. He’s very much identified with what he does besides having an excellent didactic. I consider him an authority on Chen style. One thing I noticed that he practices and I liked it, is the relaxation exercises/stretching. Some of which teachers have incorporated in our classes. These give me better practice results.As for the August seminar, I hope to be able to participate.”
-Bernardo Levandoski Curitiba/PR


“You can count on me in August for the seminar with Professor  Niall! I did the four modules of the last tour in March and was impressed with Professor Niall. He really is a wonderful teacher. Extremely generous and caring with students, he actually teaches such an inspiring Tai Chi, but not only the sequence of movements, but also an entire philosophical, cultural and therapeutic vision of this ancient art. I am a student of Professor Elli and  silk reeling with Professor Niall. The seminar was very good. It is contributing a lot to my practice of silk thread, as well as other forms that I am learning with my teacher Eli. I intend to participate in the August seminar. Please keep me informed. ”

Andrea, Curitiba/PR

“Zig and I love the courses with professor Niall. We did two courses, in two weekends: Unwinding the silk thread and 18 Movements – intermediate level. Like many of the seminars, we learned a lot and we can progress enough in the practice of Tai Chi, depending on the courses. Niall is a very special teacher, shows a deep knowledge on the subject, has the perfect technical domain and is very dedicated to teaching. It was an extraordinary opportunity and brought us even more close to Chen style Tai Chi Chuan! ”

Mercedes, Curitiba/PR


“Shifu Niall – is very good, it’s apparent that much, that he dominates the technique and beyond. With students, working step by step, he is attentive and corrects. What are the benefits of the Chen style, to my view, as regards not only physical aspects, but philosophical or subtle is it brings a better understanding and a more complete connection with the body-strengthening the legs, sinks energy , improving breathing and quietening  the mind-making the chi flow, unlocking what is stagnant, allowing more health in all aspects. It works the contrast between tension and relaxation in thousandths of a second and this goes for life … and relax your tension, be serene, in seconds, you realize that and change . (This  can be seen as accelerate and decelerate) – this contrast in the Yin and Yang within the form, reflect moments of one’s life, it’s like a preparation for it, where it quickly is due to return to a State of stillness or keep always, even in the face of which we are not accustomed or of adversity-keep your cool. ”

Waldete ,Curitiba/PR

“The senior Irish trainer Niall O Floinn is not a simple teacher of Tai Chi Chuan, but an excellent counselor. During school I had with him in Galway Tai Chi Academy in Ireland, I experienced the seriousness of his practice, both in the bodily aspects as in the pursuit of harmony and inner peace of mind. Through the movements of Tai Chi, I deeply realized how important it is to respect the limitations of the body. Noticed also a deeper awareness of the movement, and a serene State of mind due to this high concentration and awareness. These were only glimpses among so many other experiences that professor Niall provided me to improve my abilities as a serious practitioner of the art of Tai Chi Chuan. ”

Levis Litz Tai Chi Chuan teacher city of Curitiba-PR

“Shifu Niall O Floinn here in Curitiba exceeded expectations. Three weeks of intense training helped everyone who participated to transform and develop the practice of Tai Chi Chen style. The movements in Unwinding the silk Thread have created a new sense of how to move more and to cultivate the flow of chi. We were graced with high-level technical knowledge, an enhanced teaching and care and attention to each student that captivated everyone. At first, I admit I was worried it would be too intense for a heterogeneous public, but was surprised by his way of teaching that managed to become enjoyable each moment of the seminar. What impressed me also was his ability and speed to assimilate the Portuguese language.”
Bruno Davanzo, Senior Student of Shifu Niall O Floinn and professor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, Curitiba-PR

“I really enjoyed taking part in the seminar. It was a different experience from what we experience routinely. Of course, for the practices we needed more time, but because it is a seminar is also understandable the limitation of time. Professor Niall is fantastic.We feel that he knows a lot, has foundations that are safe, is patient and has great teaching skills to teach. It was a beautiful encounter with “Chen” tai chi. I participated  in the following seminars: Seminar 2: Tai Chi Chuan-the shape of 18 movements (beginners) on the 13th & 14th March Tai Chi Chuan Seminar – shape of 18 movements (intermediate), and on the 20th & 21st March. I have to say that was one of the best activities that I have attended. It was really wonderful. Not only with respect to practical teaching, but also by many things that professor Niall told us.The least we can do is thank the teachers Bruno and Levis and others responsible for the Organization of seminars, the rare opportunity we have been given through his work. ”

Danusia, Curitiba/PR

“The seminars with Professor Niall has been a constant confirmation of what is described as the path in the practice of Tai Chi Chen style: a pillar required next to the individual practice, classes and studies. Along with the daily practices directed by the professor, we climb steps, and conquered important steps consolidated with our personal dedication and persistence. Finally arrives a time when we need another vision and speech about what we’re doing, so we can watch the next step and the following steps. That’s what I find in each seminar. The seminars with Shifu Niall have been unparalleled opportunities for through it, we keep a closer contact with our great master Wang Hai Jun.Each end of the seminar I feel more aligned with the method, and with renewed energy for the practice of Tai Chi. ”

Jose Tarcisio
Curitiba , PR , Brazil

“Being a student of Shifu Niall in Seminars that he offers is to take, the practice and learning of T’ai chi ch’uan, with seriousness and technical depth without losing the charm and beauty of this ancient art. Gratitude to Shifu Niall and all organizers of Seminars in Brazil”

Sela Maria Jesse Nunes dos Santos Florianópolis SC ,Brazil

“The seminar was high level and unheard of here before. The teachings of professor Niall added a lot of knowledge, and at the same time showed that I have a long way to assimilate and correct the movements of the Chen style. Congratulations on the event. ”

Paulo Stachera, Curitiba/PR

“Tai Chi Chuan called my attention from very young. I tried learning a few times but because of circumstances my practice was interrupted , but the will to learn more about this art continued. And when the opportunity arose to do a formation course for instructors with professor Levis Litz and professor Bruno Davanzo , I took part . And that same year I had contact with Professor Niall in his seminar here in Brazil.

That first year after just a short time of practice I came away very enthusiastic from seeing how Professor Niall showed and explained the movements in a clear and simple form in his tranquil manner that left me with more wishes to promote this martial art and incorporate into my life.

From there on , each year in the seminars, the contact with and the instructions from Professor Niall helped me achieve profoundness and improvement of my Tai Chi step by step.

And the benefits for my health have increased.

With gratitude”


Elenice Benvenutti.



The seminar is rewarding. I can feel the practice results at the seminar. The practice allows me to understand more accurate corrections but my professor here in Brazil and mr. O’Floinn help me to incorporate them in my practice.
Professor O’Floinn goes deep into corrections and patiently repeats them. He seeks to express himself always in good Portuguese but also uses Mandarin, bringing students more close to the source.
I realized the importance of stretch and warming up before and after practice in a seminar, after an intense training in which I did not get body aches.
It is surprising the importance Niall gives to know his students concerns, feelings and thoughts.
Thank you Niall, it is a pleasure to participate in your seminars.
Alexandre K Vidal

“I am Brazilian. Three of my children and I currently practice Tai Chi. The youngest, André, was the first of my family to start . He begun when he was twelve. I took him to Tai Chi hoping to finally solve Andre’s reported inattentiveness which school teachers had consistently complained about.
“He doesn’t pay attention. We keep warning him all the time, but it is useless, he’s always distracted.”

Being blamed for my son’s low scores, since his first year at school was quite distressing so I decided to give Tai Chi a try.

Curiosity was his first reaction. There was, of course, the fight movies atmosphere appeal, but that wasn’t all. Tai Chi shifted some of our concepts and introduced new ones. It was enriching.
Then there is discipline. Besides the daily practice, he had to walk there and back 2,5 Km
on his only day off. In a world permeated by instant gratification and psychological conditions, it is fundamental to build a solid foundation from where you cannot be uprooted when storms come. And they come for everyone.
Well, in spite of the discipline Tai Chi requires, he didn’t give up, instead he improved, two more brothers followed him and myself! He began practicing at school in his spare time, people from the school staff asked him for lessons, including two teachers! That was how Tai Chi took a big burden off my shoulders.

I began to wonder was Andres inattentiveness perhaps due more to his school teachers inability to inspire and understand Andre and less my fault.
Andre’s attention to Tai Chi was excellent and therefore he progressed so fast!”
Suzana Vidal, Curitiba