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Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. We hope you enjoy our Tai Chi website and avail of top tips from Ireland’s leading Tai Chi coach.

Tai-Chi can be practiced at any age and practiced to a level of intensity that best suits your goals whether they be learning how to relax, using Tai-Chi as an aid to recovering from an injury or illness, developing improved flexibility and fitness, or practicing more intensely to a higher level of qi flow and gong fu skills over a longer period of training.

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Shifu Niall O Floinn
Tai Chi ireland

Niall O Floinn was introduced to Tai Chi from his Shaolin Kung Fu teacher in 1993.

Shigong Wang Hai Jun
Tai Chi teacher

Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun is a 12th generation lineage holder of Chen Taijiquan.

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